Good Evening!

Write something about yourself (who you are and where you come from).

Good Evening!

Beitrag von ChrisBrain »

Hi folks, i am Chris from Austria!

I´m an 29 years old man and sometimes in my job and from time to time in my personal life, it would be good if i could speak english and understand english texts. It´s not absolutely necessary to improve my english-skills, but it would be good for me and my Brain and my life, it´s always good to be able to speak and read and understand english, so i restarted to learn english. It´s long ago i learned english in school... and in school i really hated english very much and i slept while the teacher spoke to me. :zzz:

But now i realized that i don´t learned for the teacher or my parents, but just for ME.
That was the thing i never understood in school. I really hated school, teachers and all about learning. :mrgreen:

Its hard for me, to build the sentences they i have in my Brain (in german) and phrase it in english. Often i want to write a sentence, but i can´t phrase it in english, so i need to strong reword the sentences. But i think this is a thing of practice.

So, i think that is enough for the first posting, i don´t want to bore you with filling pages of noob-english. If you have questions, just ask me.




Re: Good Evening!

Beitrag von Fadsaugdavid »

Hey CrisBrain!

Where are you exactly from? - I'm from Aurstia as well. In fact, I'm from Upper Austria. :wink:

I have the same problem like you. :(
Sometimes it's difficult to express myself. I always try translating everything literally! If there is a single word which I don't know in German, the entire sentence disrupts.

But I'm still young and have enough time to improve my English! :freu: