english conversation

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english conversation

Beitrag von jfer1982 »


I'm from Spain and i need to improve my english conversation skills, through VOIP software like skype(by example).
My spoken english level is beginner, is there anyone interested?

Thanks in advance

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Re: english conversation

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Good morning to spain ,

i found your advertisment and thought to myself - it could be interesting to found somebody to have regulary contact to speaking and writing because i need it for my job . And - it could be more intresting to have a contact to another country .

I regret that i could not recognize which do you belong and how old are you ?

If you are interessted to come in contact with me here are details about my person .

Roland , 55 years old / young , engineer , self-employed , live and work in Germany , have been 22 years married and 10 years ago we separat each other .

With best regards from Germany ........Roland

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Re: english conversation

Beitrag von Delfino »

jfer1982 hat geschrieben:Hi,

I'm from Spain and I need to improve my English conversation skills...

I'm from Spain and I'd like to improve my English conversation skills
through VOIP software like Skype (for example).
My spoken English level is beginner. Is is there anyone interested?

Thanks in advance.
camirah hat geschrieben:Good morning Spain,

I found your advertisement and thought by myself that it could be interesting to find somebody
to be in regular contact with by speaking and writing in English, because I need it for my job.
And it could be even more interesting to have a contact in another country.

I noticed, much to my regret, that you didn't mentioned why you want to improve your English skills
and how old you are.

If you are interested to get in contact with me - here are some details about myself:

Roland, 55 years old / young , engineer , self-employed , live and work in Germany ,
I have been married for 22 years and I got divorced 10 years ago.

Best regards from Germany
Hi jfer1982 and Roland,

I know real time conversations in English is something you are looking forward to,
but unless you have very big problems to pronounce English words
you may want to consider finding one or even a few English pen-pals first.

You can use Google to find websites which provide profiles of penpals who are looking for international contacts too.
I'd recommend you try to find someone who is a native English speaker and wants to learn Spanish or German.

The big advantage would be that you won't need to have free time at the very same moment
consider the different time zones world wide and very different daily schedules of most people...
Your partner can take a look at what you've written and correct it in the reply e-mail or next letter.
You can also take a closer look at the written English and thereby improve your spelling skills.

Chat rooms are usually a place where people don't care very much about using proper English (slang, abbreviations ...).
So I would recommend you to take a look at other places to improve your English skills, e.g. the BBC (news) website.
There are a lot of things to learn - even pronunciation from live videos, live audio news feeds and pod-casts.



English vocabulary
http://www.englisch-hilfen.de/en/words_ ... kabeln.htm

English grammar

Good luck.
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Re: english conversation

Beitrag von faruk84 »

hi, I am from Austria.

We can chat on voipwise, I am very interested.