Alles zur englischen Grammatik.
How to deal with English grammar.
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Hi, könnt ihr mit bitte bei der aufgabe helfen.

Meine Vorschläge habe ich hingeschrieben, ich habe aber öfters keine ahnung gehabt.
Könnt ihr mir bitte auch erklären, warum ich etwas falsch gemacht habe?!

Setze die angegeben Verben ein und verwende dabei die richtige passivform.

1. I wanted to watch how the programme was made (make) but I could´nt get a seat in the audience.

2. The house had been built (build) in 1920 and is now being renovated renovate).

3. The decision is announced(announce)as soon as the meeting is over.

4. The seatswere painted(paint), so people can´t sit on them.

5. London had been visited (visit) by a lot of tourists every year.

6. They can´t come because their car have been stolen (stolen) recently.

7. The points ......?.....still ........?...(count) when they congratulated the winner.

8. Although the drug have been tested (test) carefully, many people became ill after taking it.

9. The sunspect was questioned (question) yesterday.

10. During an operation everything is being done (do) to save the patient´s life.

11. Last week our neighbour was sacked (sack) by his company.

12. Last night´s performance was given (give) by a famous artist.

13. When the shop is closed, the doors are being locked (lock).

:cry: lg Maxx