Bewerbungsschreiben - Englischarbeit morgen !!!

Hier könnt ihr Sätze und kurze Texte zum Korrigieren einstellen.
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Bewerbungsschreiben - Englischarbeit morgen !!!

Beitrag von rosegirl443 »

Wir schreiben morgen eine Englischarbeit.
Wir werden die Aufgabe bekommen, eine Bewerbung zu schreiben.
Könntet ihr auch auf Absätze achten? :)
Ich habe als Musterbrief folgende Bewerbung:

(nach rechts gerückt)
Maria Mustermann
1, Musterstraße
12345 Musterstadt
20(?) May, 2009

(nach links gerückt)
St. Maria Hospital
26, Fear Street

Dear Sir or Madam,
When I read your advertisement for a job as a nurse in 'The Times', I could not help noticing how well your requirements suit(?) with my experience and skills.
According to your advert, your position requires a nurse who knows how to help ill people. I have developed this skill during a practical school training as a nurse.
I'm fourteen years old and I was born the daughter of a geriatric nurse in Oelde. The school I go to is called 'Mustermann-Realschule' (Secondary Modern School). My favourite subjects are Biology, English and Maths. The hobbies I have are for example music (playing the piano and playing the guitar), languages (English, French, Portuguese) and sports (tennis, basketball). I think my English is good but nevertheless I want to improve it.
Could you tell me some important things about working conditions, holidays and pay? Would it be possible to give me some more information in an interview?
My skills could provide your company with a highly efficient nurse.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely
Maria Mustermann

Danke im Vorraus :lol: :freu: