Bitte um Korrektur ! Ein Dialog . Wichtig !

Hier könnt ihr Sätze und kurze Texte zum Korrigieren einstellen.
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Bitte um Korrektur ! Ein Dialog . Wichtig !

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In two weeks are summerholidays. Lisa and their parents want to visit their realtives in the capitol of Ireland. Also they want to show serveral sights there. Anybody have the chance to say all the ideas that they would like to do in Dublin. For this reason the parents and Lisa have sit in one evening together and discussed about the planning.

Mum: I have research in the Internet yet, what's giving for sights in Dublin!
Lisa: Oh Mum, this is very boring. I wouldn't like to show any sights every day! Can we go shopping?
Dad: Nohow! I'm not go shopping every day. That's too strenuous for me with your both.
Lisa: Then you can suggest an new plan , Dad!
Dad: We make a compromise! In one hand we go shopping in the other hand we show ourselves two sights. How do your feel about this ?
Mum: Ok, yes we can do that. I'm very interest of two sights in Dublin. The rosarium and the old historic cathedral. I think Irelands background is challenging and exciting!
Lisa: The idea is amazing! At one day, can we drive with a double-decker bus trough Dublin, after a shoppping tour? I would know how the people life in Ireland. Certainly they life other than we.
Dad: When we drive to our relatives, at one day we can go to a famous pub and listen to the irish music. The music, I think, is very enjoyable and funny.
Mum: Excellent! Everybody had suggest many good ideas. So, I make a list about all these ideas. Agreed?
Lisa: The summerholidays will be beautiful! I'm glad to drive to Ireland.
Dad: I'm too.
Mum: So it was a good suggestion to drive in the summerholidays to our relatives to Ireland.