I speak English, and want to learn German

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I speak English, and want to learn German

Beitrag von ella85 »

Hi everyone,
I've been learning German at school for 5 years, and would like someone to practice talking to. I'm also happy to help anyone with learning English.

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Hi Ella,

I also would like someone to practise talking to. I'm from Germany and learn English for 5 years.
Maybe we can write us per email.

kind regards Nicki

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Hi Ella,
I do not know if you still search a partner for learning german. But if you do i'd like to wirte per icq or email, cause i want to improve my english.
You can contact me (pn)!

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I´m Charlie, from Germany. You´d like to improve your German? No Problem, you can write me an e-mail in German ,if you want to!

Look forward to hear from you

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Re: I speak English, and want to learn German

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Hey! If you want you can practise your German with me and I would like to practise my English with you!!
I'm looking forward to it!!