Short story

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Short story

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Aufgabe war eine Beschreibung meines Zimmers in Form einer Kurzgeschichte: würde mich über Korekturen und Feetbacks freuen LG

Short story:Theatre of war

Muggy and dank air pervaded the scene of action.

Most of the red room was filled with old regimental dressed soldiers some were motionless lying on the greyish stone floor and others closly perched at the black table standing near to the window.

Dim light rays cleft their way trough the banana plants and indicated the servere injuries of the sitting men.

" Help, Help! I am seriously injured " exclaimed General Harson who was one of them , "my arm is is lost.Arise yourself and get my missing limb back !"

The men had a look on the surrounding area using the table as an observation deck. The second window also covered with tropical plants and located on the same wall directly alongside the first on, dimmed the investigative area.

"Soldier M.,you have to carry out the task to make an accurately report of the current situation" General Harson commanded " and give me the line item specification of the enemy "

"Yes Sir!" Soldier M.shouted "the davenport located diagonally opposite from our position seems to be a saftey zone but we arent able to assure!"

"Whats the matter?"General Harson harsh responded.

Soldier M.replied " The counterpart lounge bordering to the davenport is as black as night we have to sound out the situation on the spot"

The soldiers leaved their square black observation deck and followed rightwards the red wall giving a partial protection. After they passed the white door leading to the disliked realm of corridor the troop turned left around the sharp corner.

Armed to the teeth they reached the danger point of the scratching post belonging to the ferret realm.
Unexpected two huge creature of the realm attaked the squad and butchered bloody a handful brave men.
General Harson noticed their inferior position and ordered the quick forward getaway from the battlefront.

After the wasting forces event ,General Harson. Related „ We escaped just in time and even passed the white door to the room of sleep. We should be relieved but just as well attentive couse we achieved our aim., the writing table.“

„Sir it is suicide to go on without adequate supply! I lost my leg during the fight you missed your arm. It is gonna be maniac!“

Frantic General Harson responded „ Execute the betrayer, there is nothing outrank me and my limb !“

The minimized troop befogged under the writing table tumbled over roots of cable and decided to march around the office chair to scale the black lounge. Suddenly the floor started to quake when they were Into the thick of the room and a big foot stomed towards them.

„ Kevin! What are you doing here? A fine mess you have made of this! Tidy up your room, mop the ketchup and pick up the useless tin soldiers! It is time for Kindergarden, now!

The big foot hit the General deadly..........................