Just for fun

Let's speak English here.
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Just for fun

Beitrag von Jamie4869 »

My favourit english star is mr. bean!
I have a english book of mr. bean, it is great!
And i can learn english quickly!!
It is fun and i can learn-
it' wounderfull- and the english lesons ... er .... :mrgreen:

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Beitrag von Manhattan »

Hi Jamie :)

I'm pleased to see you here :) Well, I like Mr. Bean, too. :)
I've never known that there's a book with/about Mr. Bean :) Is it as funny as the films? I can't almost imagine because the films are fantastic :)
it' wounderfull- and the english lesons ... er ....
What were you about to say? Feel free to say it :wink1:

Manhattan :)

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Beitrag von Princess »

i cant stand bean! well, sometimes hes ugly face makes me laugh but i dont like this guy! :wink:

kiss Princess