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Könnte mir bitte jemand diesen Text Korrigieren!

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I have choosen this theme because I am very fascinated about Sydney. Sydney is for me the most beautiful city all over the world. After the school i would like to travel to Sydney and then make holyday. Now I would like to tell about the history: The first inhabitants of sydney were Aborigines they lived in diffrend tribes to 4000 until 8000 people, today we can see drawings in the rock by the Aborigines. In the 18th Century James Cook discovered this place. In 1770 Phillip Arthur came and made this place to a penal colony, in the folowing years the area was explored and recorded on maps. In the 19th Century has been recomment by Gouverneur Lachlan Macquanie the penal colony abolished, instead would be road,bridges,port pacilities and public buildings erected. 1830 and in the folowing 10. years arose the first suburbs. After the first gold-rush in the year 1851, Sydney grew up to the cultural, economic and industrial heart of Australia and now the population rose steadly. In the middle of the 20th Century many immigrants came from Europe and Asia, Sydney would multicultural. 1800 lived 2.500 people in Sydney but today are 3.600.400 people in Sydney. sydney is the greatest city in Australia but it is not the capital. The city is located on the eastcoast of Australia on the Pacific ocean. Sydney is devided into two region in the south and the west is the lowland named Cumberland Plain, in the north is the Hornsby Plateau that is a highly country with moutains up to 200 meters high. The center of Sydney is on average of 3 meters above the sea level. In the downtown of sydney there are many national parks and Sydney owns over 70. beaches. Now i will tell about the landmarks of Sydney, the first one is the Opera house. The Opera house is located in new south wales, it is one of the world`s most distinctive 20th Cetury buildings and one of the most famous venues of the world. A Danish architect named Jorn Utzon desighnet the Opera house. The Opera house was 2007 a UNESCO World Heritage. 1959 started the construction work but through some architectural problems the Opera house was only completed in 1973. The plan would be finaced througt an lottery, witch was very successful. On 20th, October 1973 would be the Opera house by Queen Elisabeth 2. opened. An other Landmark is the Sydney Harbour bridge, this bridge provides the main link between north and south-coasts. The bridge called by the locals "coat Hanger". It is the largest bridge with a archery of the World with an length of 503 meters and a hight of 134 meters. With 50 meters is the Harbour bridge the wides bridge of the World, by this scale is the bridge in the Guinness Book of Records. The constructin period was 8 years from 1924 to 1932.

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