Bitte um Hilfe/Kontrolle bei Eurokom..!!Wichtig....DANKE..:D

Hier könnt ihr Sätze und kurze Texte zum Korrigieren einstellen.
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Bitte um Hilfe/Kontrolle bei Eurokom..!!Wichtig....DANKE..:D

Beitrag von Brabusrocket »

Da ich bald meine Eurokom halten muss habe ich mal meinen Text grob zusammengeschrieben.
Da ich in English aber ne totale Niete bin hoff ich das mir hier jemand ein bischen weiterhelfen könnte.
Wär demjenigen sehr dankbar :freu: ......
Also aufjedenfall schonmal vielen Dank im vorraus!!

Also hier mal der Text hoffe ich habe nicht zuviel Fehler..aber wie gesagt ich und English....


A muscle car was almost ever produced with a v8 motor. The Motors were distinguished in small block and big block whereby not the cubic capacity counts but the size from the motor block. The motors were up to 7,4 liters cubic capacity big and the horsepower numbers between 300-400 were normal. A normal Golf Variant Sportline has for example only 140 horsepower.
However, in the chassis it was invested much less. This is why there was also a saying under the Muscle car drivers. It was called “One should love the straight lines and hate the curves”. The brakes of the Muscle cars were a drum braking that bad braking power had. This is why it was to be taken advisable against surcharge disc braking. The Handling was bad thanks to the suspension, blade springs and the thin tires. The interior was in the normal version very simply, nevertheless (but), the surcharge lists allowed a lot. The most popular additional options were window lifters, air-conditioning and vinyl roof.

The Muscle cars could not have enough HP this is why they were made even quicker. At the beginning of the Muscle car Scene there were therefore already some companies the tuning parts have built and sold. However, one concentrated primarily upon the engine tuning. Mostly bigger carburetors were obstructed by Edelbrock or holly. Chrysler had a own tuning-branch called Mopar.
Nowadays Muscle cars are strongly asked by collectors. It is paid up to 4 million us dollars for a vehicle.. For ca. 2000€ you get a rusty chassis. But you must think that a muscle car exhausted average 14 up to 30l fuel pro 100km

The firms that build the muscle cars in the past build still today “modern Muscle cars” like the ford mustang or the charger.

The first real muscle-car was invented by Pontiac. Ponitac had the idea to build a V8 motor in a mid-range car and offer this for a accessible price.
The teen group of buyers was ardent and the first real muscle car , the Ponitac Gto was a full hit. In the following years were the muscle cars always popular. In 1973 disappeared the Muscle car boom because the insurance prices and the fuel prices were enormously increased. (prices muscle cars..)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen Fabian Sch.