Summary Korrektur

Hier könnt ihr Sätze und kurze Texte zum Korrigieren einstellen.
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Summary Korrektur

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Habe es geschafft meine Summary zu schreiben.
Also meine Grammatik ist richtig übel deswegen wäre es gut wenn jemand mal drüberschauen könnte und mir meine Fehler sagt, vielleicht auch noch den ein oder anderen Tipp gibt wie es besser klingt.
Danke schon mal im Vorraus

Aldi and Lidl on the way into the mainstream
By the current economic crisis, the German low-cost grocery stores Aldi and Lidl get the chance to expand into the middle class districts of London and Southeast according to CACI. The pressure on hard discounters such as Tesco and Sainsbury is increased by dissemination of low-priced discounters in many places in the Uk. 50% of Aldi customers come from the ABC1 social class caused of the economic situation. The expansion into the mainstream is rapidly increasing the market share. Aldi is planning to quadruple its outlets to 1500 till 2013.
As the discounters dominate more than 40 percent of the German market, Peter Casey believes that there is a good chance to realize his plan to open one store per week in many locations throughout the United Kingdom.
Lidl wants a growth rate of 12% annually, but open no more as 1250 outlets. Tesco and Asda are fighting against the seizure of power in low-priced chains with price cuts and reduce its article.
According to research Sainsbury is vulnerable to the overrun from Aldi and Lidl, because the largest turnover comes from areas where the low-priced chains will soon be represented.
Caci has found out, if cheap discounters come in democratic areas, where people are in secure conditions, there is a chance that the market share will increase significantly.
Tesco tried to remain dominant threatened by Aldi and Lidl by introducing new discounts and new market strategies in the market.
The cheap Discounters are on its way into the mainstream.caused by the credit crunch with increasing incentives.