Book review... hilfe... text ok?

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Book review... hilfe... text ok?

Beitrag von *~crazy_chick~* »

Habe morgen eine book review zum buch the undomestic goddess von sophie kinsella.
Man findet nur leider im Internet (ausser Wikipedia die Biographie der Autorin) fast gar nichts zu dem Buch. Jetzt musste ich das meiste selber schreiben und hab tieeeeeeerisch schiss, dass ich mich jetzt morgen total blamiere, wenn ich irgendwelche groben fehler drin habe.
Könnt ihr mir vll nochmals über den Text schauen???
To the persons:
Samantha Sweeting is the protagonist of the book, she’s the undomestic goddess. She’s a twenty-nine years old lawyer at Carter Spink, but due to a mistake she finds herself on the run; when she asks for directions at a big house, she is mistaken for the next interviewee for a housekeeping position and before she knows it, she’s offered the job.
So, the book describes two completely different lifes of Samantha. The one she had lived as a lawyer and the other she lives as a housekeeper.
I’d like to start explaining the persons that are connected with her life at Carter Spink
Guy Ashby is a good colleague of Samatha. He’s also working at Carter Spink. But their cooperation suffers from a former love of Samantha which was never returned by Guy.
Arnold Saville
He’s a important figure concerning the whole novel. He’s the person who engineered the mistake, Samatha has never done. He’s the intriguer of the novel, wanting Samatha to be kicked out of the firm.
John Ketterman
Ketterman is the employer of Samatha and the head of Carter Spink. In the end, he’s the only one who believes Samatha.

Her mother and her brother
Both are very successful people that like Samatha to be successful, too. Being always very busy, they don’t find the time to celebrate Samatha’s birthday with her.

Now two her life at a housekeeper, her life at the Geigers’ house.

Nathaniel is the gardener of Trish and Eddie Geier. Later he becomes the boyfriend of Samantha.
Iris is the mother of Nathaniel and very important for Samantha, because she teaches her who to make the household and how to be a good housekeeper
Trish Geiger
Trish Geiger is the new employer of Samantha. She is a very strange and noisy woman, who loves it to be eye-catching in every form. She has also a very weird style dressing her up.
Eddie Geiger
He’s a man who’s actually not very up to date. Due to the fact that he doesn’t know who Samatha is and how high educated she is, he always tries to teach her several wordly wisdoms.
She’s the niece of Trish and Eddie and want to become a lawyer. She treats Samantha very rude. Naturally she doesn’t know that her housekeeper was a former lawyer

The “goddess” in question is Samantha Sweeting. She’s a lawyer on the fast track to becoming partner at swanky law firm Carter Spink. Although Sam loves her job and wants nothing more than to be a partner, she has no social life to speak of, is stressed out beyond belief, and her high-powered mother and brother can’t even make the time to join her for her latest birthday celebration. All of this seems worth it, though, when she finds out that she has achieved her biggest goal—she has become a partner at Carter Spink. Unfortunately, the joy is short-lived. Sam finds some papers buried on her desk that she apparently forgot to file—and that little mistake has cost one of their clients fifty million pounds. In a panic, Sam rushes out of the office, takes a train, and ends up in a small suburb of London, lost and terrified. She ends up on the doorstep of Trish and Eddie Geiger, who mistake her for a housekeeper come to apply for a job. Wanting only a place to crash for the night and to get her head in order, Sam unwittingly takes the job. When she finds out that she no longer has a career at Carter Spink, she decides to stick it out at the Geigers for a while. Her employers have no idea about who Samantha really is. They think she is the best catch ever, with extraordinary culinary skills. Samantha does not have a clue about how to work a washing machine, let alone how to cook anything more complicated than a sandwich.
That invites an whole amount of troubles. But the gardener of the Geigers, Nathaniel, bailed her out. He consideres his mother, who helps Samatha to learn the art of cooking.
Due to that fact and many other reasons it’s no wonder that both fell in love and have a relatioship during her habitation at the Geigers`
But that relationship gets into trouble when Samatha finds out, that she had been made responsible for a mistake she had never done. During the story she discovers, that her mistake was an intrigue done by Arnold. Because of her mistake he’d made a lot of money and to be on the safe side, he manipulated the papers Samantha got, in a way, that she was unable avoiding that mistake.
When she decides to blow the whistle on Arnold, it’s still a hard way with a lot of troubles until people believe her. And the oen of the first ones is her former abhorred employee Mr Ketterman.
In exchange for all that trouble, he offered Samantha full equity partnership at Carter Spink
At first Samantha is absolutely overwhelmed, because that’s what she wanted her entire life. But then she begins to think about her life...
I don’t want to betray the end of the story because perhaps someone wants to read the book her or himself.

And now I like to read an excerpt of the book out to you. It’s a scene, when Samantha is trying to do some kind of housework. Here she’s ironing. Or what she think that’s what she is doing.