Your experiences, your likes and dislikes...

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Your experiences, your likes and dislikes...

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four years ago... in 2004 I've spend (only) six weeks in down under. To be more precise... I stayed with a family that is friend of our friend (got no idea if this was correct or not, please correct) in Germany. This family lives in a, you could really call it, hicksville, named "Kallista" in the forrest, which actually almost seemed like a jungle to me. This jerkwater town (I love colloquialism :mrgreen:) is located pretty close to Belgrave which is like 40km away from Melbourne - dunno which direction but anyway.

I accompanied the 2nd eldest (?) who was 17 to his school (Box Hill Highschool) and got an impression of how the schoolsystem works. Unfortunalety we lived to far away from the next bigger city, so I've spent most of my time in Kallista inclusive neighbourhoods. The proof that even for Australian-circumstances, where things are much more spread than here, Kallista is a little tiny village, was when I got asked by a schoolmate of the 2nd eldest, where I live. I told her I was living in Kallista and she just giggled. This experience strengthend my feeling of living behind times. :o

Once we did a trip to Sidney, where we stayed with some of the family's friends. The region reminded me a bit of Beverlyhills. I can't describe what I felt... it was just amazing.
I actually can't say too much about the mentality of the people due to the fact, that I always had someone around me I knew.

Well well, journey was over much too fast and I can't wait to experience that continent over and over again. :)

Have you been there too? Or are you planning to go there?