Other countries you've been to?

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Other countries you've been to?

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Just out of curiosity, what other countries have you guys been to?

Me: Not very many, only Mexico and Japan. Might go to Germany next summer though :mrgreen:

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Phew... I traveled to quite a few countries during the past 20 years. Spain, Austria, France, Holland, Poland, Croatia, Czechia, Russia, Switzerland, Belgium, England, Italy and Monaco are the ones I remember right now. I still need to get out of Europe, though. Australia, Japan and Central / South America are places I definetely want to check out.

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Not so many to be fair.. England, Scotland, Holland, France, Italy... but planning Ireland next, USA next year. I definitely have to see more of this world :wink: .

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Me: Not very many
I am agree with you because i was in Danemark, Poland, Slovakia an Czech Republic, only.

I following Keswick, I definitely have to see more of this world, too.

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Only :

The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, England, Austria and Denmark...

I´d like to travel to Scandinavia - especially to Norway and Sweden....and I´d like to see Iceland
Welkamm tu Hämbörg Ährpohrt!

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I don't travel a lot because I haven't got so much money to spend for that ^^

I've been to Hungary,Turkey,Poland and Czechia...

but I'm dreaming of travelling to the USA *-*

When I went to hungary I had a lot of hope that I could speak a lot of engllish there...
But what happened?
The only foreign language there was german!
and that was the language I really didn't want to speak in my holidays xD

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I've been to south america,for example to Mexico and Venezuela. This was a very interesting trip for me. The trip through jungle was an adventure. I definitely have to see more of this world, too.

To fuerteventura and Russia I've been,too.


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Re: Other countries you've been to?

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I've been to the Caribbean,Spain and Italy.I will travel to the USA in two weeks...I'm so excited because of the skyscrapers and all the shops.
Have you ever been to America? Or can anyone give tips what i should visit there?

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Well, America is a big continent. Where will you go during your trip?

I've been to New York as a tourist. So I've seen the WTC and other skyscrapers. :D
What do you plan to do over there (sightseeing, shopping, traveling on the road...)?

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Beitrag von skechers »

I actually got around a lot, especially in Europe.
I've been to Germany (what a surprise), Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italia, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Poland, England + Scotland, Turkey, South Africa and Mauritius.
But (to be honest), I don't remember all of them :mrgreen:

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Beitrag von freckle »

  • The Netherlands
    Greece (Crete)
    Spain (four times - but never Majorca :wink: )
  • Tunisia

  • Thailand (mainland + Ko Samui)
    Sri Lanka (called 'Ceylon' in former times)

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This year I was in England, Wales, Scotland, Rumania.
I also visited Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Czechia, USA (area Denver), Sweden. In the next time I want go to Russia, Canada, Africa, New Zealand, India ....

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Beitrag von Kayara »

I was in

France (one week in Paris <3)

and twice in the USA (Florida)

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Thanks for the correction. I've found "Czechia" in a online dictionary.

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I was in: Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Vatican, and the USA.