Someone has gain such experience?

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Someone has gain such experience?

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In my first topic i was searching for people they can help me for a better english. Then i have founded someone and wrote a small letter about me. In her 2. nd letter, she wrote something about her parents and her bad life.....the end of this story...she want to transfer money to germany and i should help her!!!! :(

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In my first posting I was searching for people, who can help me to improve my English. After I had found someone I wrote a small letter about me. In her 2nd letter she wrote something about her parents and her bad life... The end of this story is - she wants me to transfer money to Germany and I should help her!

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I got no experience with similar requests, but you shouldn't pay anything to her.
Your story sounds like a scam or fraudulently attempt to get your money.

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Delfino hat geschrieben: Beitrag = posting => an entry in a blog or internet forum
Actually, in general, we say 'post' and not 'posting'.

z.B. "In my first post, I was searching for..."

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You unfortunately get these kinds of requests anywhere on the web. Ignore them, it is a way to get money of naive (sorry) people. If someone is in trouble, they can find another way to get out of it.

You'd be surprised how many requests I receive asking either for money for their sick siblings, mothers, fathers, friends, daughters, sons, grandmother and dogs, for scientific researches and even for getting someone out of jail.

Honestly, you're better off ignoring such things. It is all fake, relying on the sympathy of good-hearted people.
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