Alles zu den englischen Zeiten im Aktiv und Passiv.
Questions on tenses (Active and Passive).
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my name is Zioux. I'm new in this forum and I need a little help by my homework for Monday.
Please can you help me. My English is very bad :freak1: ...can you help me please?

This is the text...

I Only Wanted to Go to London…

1. Put in the simple or continuous form of the past tense.

I was waiting (wait) in the departure lounge of Glasgow Airport for my plane to London when two well-dressed gentlemen came in
(come in). One of them attracted (attract) my attention immediately. He (wear) a blue coat, exactly the same colour as my skirt, and (swing) one of those elegant thin umbrellas in his left hand.
As we (walk out) to the plane it (rain) heavily and he politely (offer) me his umbrella. On the gangway he quickly (turn round) to the other man and I (hear) him mumble something to him.
He (sit down) beside me in the plane and his friend (take a seat) directly behind me. Even then I (not notice) anything suspicious about their behaviour. I (enjoy) the man’s conversation and the time (pass) quickly. While he (buy) some tobacco from the air-hostess I (look round) to see what his friend (do). You can imagine my horror when I (see) that he (point) a revolver at me! “Hijackers!” I (scream) terrified at the top of my voice. The next thing that (happen) was that something (hit) me terrifically hard on the back of the head. I (fall) forward and then everything (go black). When I (come to oneself) two stern-looking gentlemen (stare) at me. I gradually (realize) that they (sit) at the side of the hospital bed in which I (lie). The moment I (open) my eyes one of them (begin) to fire questions at me: “(you-know) the two men you talked to on the plane? Why (you-shout)
‘Hijackers’? (you-notice) what the man was doing who (sit) behind you? Who (sit) next to him? (he-threaten) you with his revolver?”
I (close) my eyes again wondering what this was all about. The last thing I (hear) was one of the policemen saying: “Verdammt noch mal! Jetzt ist sie wieder weg!”