Passiv - Aktiv?

Alles zu den englischen Zeiten im Aktiv und Passiv.
Questions on tenses (Active and Passive).
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Passiv - Aktiv?

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Im Augenblick behandeln wir Passive - Zeitformen. Ich bin mir nicht sicher, wann Aktiv oder Passiv?

The environmental group Friends of the Earth is encouraging members of the public to take action and protest about the testing of genetically modified (GM) crops. At the moment there are about 30 sites where large scale trials are being carried out. Many environmentalists fear that plants and animals near the sites are being affected because proper safety measures are not being taken. The government, however, insists that researches are doing everything possible to make the trails safe.

At the Old Bailey yesterday, five men were found guilty of planning the most ambitious jewel robbery in history. The gang had tried to steal the De Beers Millennium diamonds (worth over $200 million) which were being displayed at the Millennium Dome. Four of the men smashed into the Dome early one morning with a JCB digger, but over 200 policemen were waiting for them because they knew about their plans. They first arrested the two men who were standing outside, and then arrested the others who were smashing the glass case where the jewels were being kept. While the men were being taken away, the police picked up the driver of the getaway boat who was waiting on the river next to the Dome.

Elvis Presley was one of last year’s highest earners, thanks mainly to his widow Priscilla and the CEO of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Jack Sodem. When he died in 1977, Elvis financial affairs were in a mess. The rights to all his records have been sold to RCA Records in 1973 in a deal in which Elvis has been paid about $5 million and his manager had received $7 million. Priscilla decided to keep their home, and to open it as a tourist attraction, even though she has been advised to sell it. It was a good move, and within a year, more than 300,000 visitors had visited Graceland, and today generates $15 million annually in admission feel alone.

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