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Fehlerbehebung des Textes

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Hi @ all.

In den kommenden Tagen muss ich ein Referat auf englisch halten und dazu noch eine passende Folie auflegen. Das Thema ist " House of future". Wenn jemand Fehler im Text findet oder noch weitere Ideen hat, was man als Stichpunkte aufschreiben kann, der kann das ruhig hier hineinschreiben. Über jede Antwort wäre ich sehr sehr dankbar, da die note sehr wichtig für mein ABI ist. Vielen DANK.

What can we expect of the house of future?

Here are some examples:
• uncabled current network
• cameras and microphones will be everywhere. In the carpet, the walls, the furniture and appliances.
• Or for example a watch that you wear to transmit your bio signs
• All connected to each other and to a central computer that will decode this information to determine your current health status and environment.
• automatic climb and sink of the room temperature
• curtains open themselves
• the house orders automatically a firm, if something is inoperable
• it gives no more stairways, only processions
• entrance into the house only with the fingerprint
• the roof of the house consists to a large part of photovoltaic cells

In general we can say that the house supposes the intelligence of the house inhabitants. With such things, life in the house becomes easier and more certain. But on the other hand, there are also negative things. For example:

• the inhabitants are directed on the technology
• life can become boring

Gruß Daniel