Shakespeare's tragedies - character parallels

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Shakespeare's tragedies - character parallels

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Hallo everyone,

Next week I'm going to write my English "Leistungskurs Klausur" about Macbeth. My teacher told me or the class that we have to summarize a text by Shakespeare.

And in the given text are some parallels to Macbeth which we have to analyse etc.. We just read Macbeth this term (we didn't read any other Shakespeare tragedy!).

It would be very helpfull if you could give me any hints about "same" characters in Shakespearse tragedies. I've read the summaries on wikipedia so far, but didn't get many helpfull facts.

The question is now if you could maybe list some equal characters. Just in case you have read more than one book by shakes. It would be great if you just give me the names :D. To find the detailed similarities should be such a problem with the helpf from sparknotes, google etc: (:

anyway I'm thankful for any respond :D

so far