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Beitrag von Juth »

Ganz liebe Bitte um Korrektur dieses Briefes. :mrgreen:

Fand' auch keine passende Übersetzung für "Egal, ob...". Wie könnte man dies übersetzen?

Dear mom, dear dad,

I hope you are fine and you excuse that I have not written for so long. Maybe sometimes you wonder how I feel, so far away from you, all alone in this foreign country, in this foreign society. Well, after all of these years it is not that strange here anymore and life is not too bad, even if it is hard and with lots of handicaps. All in here, which take the Whites for granted, is hard for me to get. [Egal ob] accommodation, work or rights. Therefore I take every job I can get. First I used to work upon the underground, but then I got a job in a little factory here in London, where I had to pack crockery. Although I really do every kind of work, [egal ob] clean or dirty, hard or easy and slave away myself from morning till midnight, some of the Whites say I would be lazy and hopeless. This really drives me mad. What do they know about me and my life? Nothing. 15 years I have been working in the same factory, I have done my job very well, I have been busy and hard-working, on time, faithful, but one day I was fired without any reason. I really do not know why, there is plenty of work for all here. Consequently now I have to go to draw dole. But what shall I do? I think I have to accept it the way it is. There is no escaping or running away from this situation. Besides I think life is not that hard in here than it would be somewhere else.


your son