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Beitrag von Josh »

1) Rock/Pop: Joshua Radin, John Mayer Hip-Hop: NAS, Anthony Hamilton, Everlast Metal: Nightwish Soundtrackmusic
2) Matrix, LotR, The Lakehouse
3) The Swarm, Nachricht aus einem unbekanten Universum, Pillars of the earth, World without end
4) Samsung, Sony Ericsson
5) Guitar & Piano
6) Love Sports & making music

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Beitrag von TobbeL »

1) rock music and especially alternative
2) Jurassic park, it´s the greatest movie ever!!!
3) Fatherland by Robert Harris, he is also my favourite author
4) don´t know, for me it´s my iPod Touch
5) it´s not a "real" instrument but I´m in love with my guitar hero controller xD
6) car: Aston Martin Vanquish S

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Beitrag von MRVICCA »

a)mY FAVOURITE MUSIC: rock, blues,jazz,techno
b) movie: the pianist(forever!!!!), mamma mia!
c)book: noise and the fury(W.Faulkner), Wuthering Heights(E.Bronte), Alchemist(P.Coehlo),
the picture of dorian grey(O.Wilde), crime and punishment(Dostojevski)
d)cell phone- my, nokia :P
e)musical instrument: electric guitara :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
f)favourite car:my(volkswagen polo)
g)favourite drink: water,mineral water
h)favourite food: everything :D