The Lady or the Tiger /Detailed Summary

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The Lady or the Tiger /Detailed Summary

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Ich bräuchte mal dringend Hilfe für meinen Unterricht.
Hat jemand die zusammenfassung von der Kurzgeschichte "The Lady or the Tiger"? Ich brauche aber nur die Kurzgeschichte, nicht den kompletten Text.

Die kurzgeschichte fängt so an:

This story commences with the description of a king who lived in "very olden times." He is described as being "semi-barbaric" despite the slight influence of more progressive Latin neighbors. The barbaric side of him is described as being large and exuberant, and not reined in. Due to his unfettered authority and totalitarianism, his fancies become fact. He needed to consult only with himself, and when he and himself agreed, the thing was done. He had a calm, pleasant nature both when things went his way and when they did not. He was even calmer and more pleasant when things did not go his way, as he derived great pleasure from bending things to how he felt that they should be.


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