meine zusammenfassung von Jack Maggs (verbessern?)

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meine zusammenfassung von Jack Maggs (verbessern?)

Beitrag von lamodus04 » 5. Dez 2007 23:42

Hallo zusammen

Könnte jemand vielleicht kurz diese Zusammenfassung (des Buches Jack Maggs [Kapitel 12-16]) überfliegen und schauen ob es grammatikalische Fehler hat oder Fehler mit den Zeiten.
At the beginning of chapter 12 Jack was in the house of Mr. Oates. He went in the bedroom of him and his son and observed them while they were asleep. Afterwards he went in the kitchen and slept for a while. When he woke up a woman stood in front of him. Jack told her to be waiting for Mr. Oates. So he had to go upstairs to him. Strangely Mr. Oates was not surprised to see Jack. They talked about Jack’s pain and Mr. Oates said that a phantom lived in Jack which causes the pain. Mr. Oates offered him to remove the pain with an experiment. Jack first refused but afterwards he agreed because Mr. Oates promised to write an introduction and to find a person for him with the help of a Thief-taker. He finally could remove the pain from Jack and wrote the introduction. Afterwards Jack went home to the house of Mr. Buckle. He found out that two servants of Mr. Phipps came back and carried off many things from his house. Jack was very interested in this.
Because of the introduction Mr. Oates wrote, Mr. Buckle didn’t sack Jack. Instead of that they wanted to sack Mr. Constable because of his miserable services. But Jack put in a good word to them for Constable and his job was saved.

Wäre sehr nett.

Vielen Dank und Gruss

ps. wenn jemand das Buch kennt und sich per Zufall noch genau an diese Kapitel erinnert kann er auch noch inhaltliche verbesserungen anbringen :tongue: