Speech - Dringend Hilfe benötigt!!

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Speech - Dringend Hilfe benötigt!!

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hallo! und zwar muss ich in wenigen stunden eine rede in english sprechen. diese hab ich schon fertig, jedoch bin ich mir nicht sicher ob die grammatik etc. stimmt. deswegen wäre ich sehr dankbar wenn ihr einmal meine rede angucken würdet und diverse fehler berichtigen würdet.

Good morning, everyone. 2 weeks ago, I heard a funny joke about English people:
customer : "Do you have a four volt, two watt light bulb?"
Shop assistant: "For what?"
customer "No, two."
shop assistant: "To what..."
customer: "Yes."
shop assistant: "No"
customer: "Thank you. Goodbye"
shop assistant: "Goodbye"
I think, this joke reflects the topic of my short speech that I give very well.
I want to inform you about what Germans think about English people. I`m sure, you will find out funny but also interesting facts.
First of all, I ask you: what combine you with English people? In my opinion, there are a lot of things, which come to your and my mind. The queen and the royal family, red phone boxes, fog and rain, bowler hat and umbrella, black sense of humour and so on.
On the one hand, there is the generous politeness of the English people. They excused themselves every time and without a break. If they are in danger, they were still polite and friendly. The British humour is also something special. It has got a black sense and not everybody can laugh about it.
On the other hand, there is the “not so good” food. The English meal hasn`t got the best reputation. But where can you eat otherwise “full breakfast” with bacon and eggs?
Nevertheless, English people are regarded as very noble. They`ve got good manners and a behave like real Gentlemen. They love the queen and the royal family, and all people all around the world think English people play tennis, but I think this is nonsense. It is the same like when you think every German would die for football, isn`t it?
However, now think again about English people: can you find any difference in your opinion? Sure, English people are polite, friendly, have a strange sense of humour and strange meals. I have come to the conclusion that you shouldn`t concentrate on this facts if you meet an English person. You have to distinguish because nobody has got the same character and opinions.

danke im vorraus!!