Stundenprotokoll - Korrektur??

Alles zum Abitur und zur Sekundarstufe I.
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Stundenprotokoll - Korrektur??

Beitrag von madman »

Hallo erstmal!

Ich musste ein stundenprotokoll anfertigen, und wollte es hier gerne posten!
habt ihr Verbesserungs- und Korrekturvorschläge bzw. seht ihr Fehler?

Bitte helft mir !
Ok, das Protokoll(sieht nicht ganz nach format aus, geht mir auch um den inhalt ):

En-GK V.Loo 13 11 / 21 / 2007
Max M.

Record of the english lesson at Monday, November the 2007

Short summary

1. Vocabulary training
2. Opening Scene from “Educating Rita” by A. Russell (act. 1/sc. 1)
3. Educating Rita: stage/film version
4. scenes 2 and 3
5. homework for Wednesday, the 21. of November 2007

1. voabulary training - the game “brain28”

Expalantion of the game “brain28”:

The game brain28 is a special game to

Individual memory training and teamwork co-operation are the common aims of brain28.
During the game, the leader will give 28 different vocabularies and the audience tries to remember them afterwards.
The vocabularies are presented as four blocks of seven vocabularies each. The vobabulary of the first and the latter block will be shown on cards and spoken by the leader. The second block of vocabularies will be just shown. The third block will be just spoken.
Afterwards, everyone tries to note down all vocabularies that he or she can remember. Getting twelve to sixteen word is average, more than twenty would be excellent.

This time, the vocabulary was:

Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
1. actress 1. to guess 1. cinemagoer 1. varied
2. compared with 2. to refer to 2. to offer 2. insight into
3. off-stage character 3. to be enthusiastic about 3. to be performed 3. audience
4. range of experience 4. to cast light on 4. on-stage character 4. opening scene
5. easily accessible 5. to deal with focus on 5. course of the play
6. playwrighter 6. to extend 6. actor 6. enthusiasm for/on
7. stageplay 7. to serve to 7. an example of 7. by means of

Finally, everyone got his own printed sheet of the whole vocabulary.

2. The opening scene from “Educating Rita”

We talked about the opening scene from “Educating Rita” by A. Russell.
The class got another worksheet. It explains how to conclude the acts and scenes from Educating Rita. The worksheet was:

The Plot

Headlines & Scene-by-Scene-Summaries

Act I, Scene 1 (the opening scene)

Rita meets Frank or: Innocence meets Experience / A Clash of Cultures

Rita goes to see her Open University tutor, Dr. Frank Brant, a lecturer in English literature. She explains what she wants from the course. She is very enthusiastic about learning. Though frank Bryant is charmed by her, he is reluctant to teach her.

3. Educating Rita: stage/film version

The class focused on the two different versions of Educating Rita. One is the script from the filmwrighter and the other one is script of A. Russell.
The playwrighters script(the stage version ) is written in 1979 and was first performed in 1980 in London. The film version exists since 1983.
Michael Caine, the actor of Frank Bryant (film version) said, that Educating Rita would be “ a stageplay crying out to be made into a film!”.
He points this out, because there are a lot of off-stage characters in the playwrighters script. Additionally there is a lot of background information. Both can be seen in the film version.
Furthermore, we found out, that the film version shows specific pronounciation, which can help to analyse different aspect much better. As an example, where the film version gives more information than the script is a phone call for bryan from his wife.

4. scenes 2 and 3 from Educating Rita

This aspect was postponed to Wednesday, November the 2007.

5. homework for Wednesday, November the 2007

The two homeworks for Wednesday, November the 2007 are:

- To correct the short vocabulary test from
- To prepaire the scenes 2 and 3 from Educating Rita
- To read the worksheet page 85-88 (Educating Rita) and to make annotations.

The record is written by Max M.