Want to visit the USA?

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Want to visit the USA?

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I am looking to travel to Germany to learn German. I can host someone here in the USA if you can equally host me in Germany. This can be anytime in 2008.

So, basically, you can come here and stay with me for... i dunno.. a week (or more) if you let me come and stay with you for the same amount of time.

(translated) Sie bleiben mit mir für ein Woche Amerika und ich bleibe mit ihnen für eine Woche Deutschland. Mein Deutsch nicht so gut.

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America is big. Where do you live exactly? :P

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Yes, you need to specific on what part of america you are going to visit..

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Actually that´s a great idea of you, but it´s a little too soon for me, cause I´m only 14 years old now. I´m planning to have an exchange to America for a year or something when I am 16. I´m thinking of going to Alaska because I have already been there two years ago and my uncle lives there for almost 30 years now (I think). What other places could you offer to me?