Hello everybody!

Write something about yourself (who you are and where you come from).
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Hello everybody!

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Hi everybody,

I just wanted to introduce myself.
I am a 18 year old pupil who has english advanced course ("Leistungskurs" 12th grade) and is a big fan of the englisch language. Nevertheless I got problems with writing and/or speaking it. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to join this forum and practice my written english that way.

I am living in Kassel, I am male and I am one of the biggest fans of Boxing and especially Formula one (McLaren-Mercedes).


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Re: Hello everybody!

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Hi Smith!

Welcome ;)
If u have problems with your written or spoken English it's the best to practise it... ;)
And a board or forum is good for it, because here are some people who can speak English very well and they'll correct u. (I think so ;) )
Have fun and practise makes perfect, doesn't it?

Manhattan ;)