wanna chat in english

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wanna chat in english

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In about 2 weeks I`ll have an english test (Berufsreifeprüfung)
I`m searching for people who want to chat with me in this language.
At this time I don`t believe that I accomplish this test, because its very hard for me to speak in english and thats an oral one.
I know that here are a lot of topics where people also searching for, but although I create a new one.
I don`t have ICQ or MSN but when nobody knows a other form to chat or an english chatroom, I will be able to install ICQ.

I have plenty of time at about 5-8 pm


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Hi there,

Emm, I think you can read more English books or English newspaper. It might help you, as I improve my English like this. Plus, you must often listen to English speaker, and try to reply in your heart, so that, you might able to give some comments on every topics.

Hope it would help you ya! Good luck!