Report: Macbeth

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Report: Macbeth

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pleas have a look at this text and post mistakes if you finde some. I´m preparing a short report for my major subject and I want to get some opinions :)


On the way back from a fight the scottish commanders Macbeth and Banquo have an encounter with three witches. These witches predict Macbeth the tile of Thane of Cawdor and that he will be king of scotland and Banquo that his sons will be kings, too. After his return to the court Macbeth adepts that he already earned the title Thane of Cawdor. Motivated by his aspiring wife, Lady Macbeth, who extinguishes his doubts and the fact that one prophecy has become true, he starts to actualize the other prophecys, too. While King Duncan and his sons visit Macbeth, he kills Duncan at night and accuses the valet. Now, Macbeth proclaimes hisself as king. Because of the fact that the three witches called Banquo a “father of fortune kings”, Macbeth invites him to a Banquett and arranges his murder. At the Banquett, Macbeth believes to see the ghost of Banquo and gets really confused. King Duncans son Malcolm, who was able to escape the murder, allys hisself with the scottish man Macduff to regain the scottish throne. Macbeth, now frightened of his enemys, askes the witches about his future. They tell him that he is immortal because his can´t become killed by a person born by a wife and he will never become beaten till the woods of Birnam move forward to his castle. After he heard that, he feels save. His wife has more and more problems with her conscience. She gets insane and kills herself. After the suicide of his wife, Macbeth realizes the senselessness of his deeds and so he accepts his destiny. Now the prophecys begin to become true. The Englishman move forward to Macbeth castle and to camouflage themselves they use twicks from the woods of Birnam. The second prophecy becomes true as Macduff kills Macbeth. This was possible because Macduff was born by Ceasarian. Malcolm becomes the new King of Scotland.
Macbeth is a very contradictorily character. On the one side he is loyal to the crown and on the other side he kills the king. His best friend Banquo becomes a victim of his persuit of power, too. At the beginning of the play, Macbeth is a brave and loyal commander who is, because of his deeds for the realm, well regarded. His downfall begins with the appearing of the witches. He starts to act active to become king. He has the choise between good and evil and he chooses the evil. His mistakes related to his character consists of the fact that he cant resist the temptation to become king. All the other problems are a result of this mistake. In Macbeth, we a character in whitch differend parts of a human fight against each other till the ambition finally defeats his conscience. At the beginning, Macbeth is a promising character who can do great things and at the end he has lost everything just because ho chose the wrong way.

Lady Macbeth:
Lady Macbeth is the initiator of the murder of King Duncan. She is introduced as a woman, who is so cruel thatt she would kill her own child if therefore the highest aim, the crown, becomes reachable. The enticement of becoming Queen blinds her opposite the question of right and wrong. It´s a little bit ironic that the aim of her, the crown, becomes true but by that they seal their downfall. After the murder, her conscience lets her become crazy. At the end of the play she is just totally demolished personality. Here you see that she is not just a cold murder who oppresses her conscience. Her conscience is, finally, the reason for her downfall.

Greetings, Maikez