Tenses.... könnte mir das mal jemand überprüfen?

Alles zu den englischen Zeiten im Aktiv und Passiv.
Questions on tenses (Active and Passive).
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Tenses.... könnte mir das mal jemand überprüfen?

Beitrag von SpaceXDream »

Choose the correct form of the verb. Think carefully before you decide which tense is right:

1. "When did you come (come) to Los Angeles?"
"Quite a long time ago. We are (be) here for seven or eight years now."

2. "When I first started (start) hang gliding, I often felt (feel) a bit scared. But after I had lost (loose) my fear of leaving the ground, everything was (be) OK."

3. "I never took (never take) part in any really dangerous sports. Last summer I went (go) white-water rafting with some freinds, and we all enjoyed (enjoy) it a lot. Our guide always showed (show) us how to manage the rapids, so there was (be) no real risk."

4. "While we were walking (walk) along the beach, we saw (see) a few hang gliders up in the air. They flew (fly) along with the seagulls! It was (be) such a peaceful scene!"

5. "How long do you know (know) Joe?" - "Let me think a minute. I met (meet) him about five years ago. We have been (be) at college together."



Beitrag von boert »

Letztes Wort im 2ten Satz "is" statt "was"?

Letztes Wort im 5ten Satz "were" statt "have been"?