"TV has killed reading habits" bitte um hilfe

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"TV has killed reading habits" bitte um hilfe

Beitrag von Lijana »

Hallo, ich habe eine Hausaufgabe aufbekommen die sich um das Thema "TV has killed reading habits" handelt. Ich sollte pro und contra gegenüberstellen und habe schon einen Text verfasst und wäre sehr dankbar wenn mir jemand dabei helfen könnte Fehler zu finden und sie zu beseitigen. Vielen lieben dank schon einmal im voraus.
When I think about the topic “TV has killed reading habits” I’m having different opinions.
At first I think the statement is true, because TV is mostly for entertainment and entertainment plays more and more a bigger role in our everyday life.
TV has more actually, more compacter and more important information as a newspaper.
In ten minutes the TV shows us the daily news of the world. A newspaper have not current information, only of yesterday and we must read more than 10 minutes. When we are watching TV we can do a lot of other things at the same time. For example we can eat, press and do our homework. TV is also education for us. We can watch channels like N24, Phoenix and so on.
The last pro argument is that children watch more and more TV instead to read. So TV plays a bigger role in our community.
But there are also contra arguments. At first books are mostly better than a film, because with reading you can create your own world. Not such in the films that shows you a fix world. We can read everywhere and at any times. A book or a newspaper is smaller than a television so we can take a book everywhere. An other argument is that the first what we learn in school is reading. But also more and more children go gaga because they watch more and more TV. Books tell us our history because books were written thousands of years before a TV came public.

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Beitrag von Culturist »

As for the topic “TV has killed reading habits”, I think differently.

First, the advantages of TV:

This statement sounds to me true, for TV stands mostly for entertainment, entertainment and entertainment again and, what is more, is increasingly becoming a dominating part of our every-day life. Unlike newspapers, tt can offer more current, compact and important information. Within ten minutes, watching the TV news daily, we can simply learn what has most currently happened in the world. For newspapers, it is thus hard to rival with TV, which is due to being only capable of bringing yesterday news; and we have to study them for more than ten minutes. While watching TV, we can also do many other things like eating or doing our homework.

Another aspect of TV is that it can educate us. We will just have to zapp to channels such as N24 or Phoenix.

Second, the disadvantages of it:

Children are nowadays watching more and more TV instead of reading books. This is a clear sign for the fact that the social influence of TV is growing rapidly. Sadly, they do not care any longer whether films show us merely stereotypical concepts of the world or someone else´s immagination. The first thing still taught at school is how to read. Taking into account now that print media are probably handier than most TV-sets, a book or newspaper can always be taken everywhere, just as they can be read by us everywhere at every time. And above all, unlike children going mad while/after watching too much TV, we still consider books to be worth reading for their being records of human knowledge and narrative skill having already existed before something like TV was invented and became a mass-product.

(please sum up your opinion her)