Long distance relationships

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Long distance relationships

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Can you imagine to have a partner that lives in another country or even on the other side of the earth? I think that´s pretty cool. Because that´s a good way to get in touch with different countries and cultures

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It is possible since we can use VOIP apps, like skype


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What does "I'm still holding the contact on" mean?
Did you two become a couple at least or not...

...don't be offended but as far as I am concerned I'm not really confident such a thing would work. Me and my girlfriend have been together for almost a year now and although we live in the same city it has been hard to maintain even some kind of weekly routine to see each other because we are both working to get our Abitur done and besides that we have some other stuff to do as well ("part-time" job etc).

We have been and still are happy to see each other once or twice a week and even then it's hard to keep up a stable relationship - but don't mistake me, everything's fine :)

To finally answer your question: I don't think it's possible to be in a relationship under these conditions... and to my mind it doesn't matter whether you are able to "communicate" or not. That doesn't change too much; in certain situations you just have to be with your partner!

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I don't know if that's what you're meaning but I spent a year in Minnesota and my boyfriend stayed at home. We had a long distance relationship during this year. It worked out just well and we didn't have any problems...

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Well I think it doesn't work since I have tried it already. I was in New York for 1,5 years and I am back in Germany now. I really tried to do my best and he did too, but evetually you don't even know what to say anymore since we live different lives. He has his own friends and I have my own friends. And when I tell him something about my friends he doesn't know them and therefore he doesn't care too much. Well I know his friends but I don't care much about them either. We are still in touch but we aren't dating anymore it's just too complicated. It would be different if I knew I was moving to New York eventually or he was moving to Germany but both of us knew from the beginning that we don't want to live in a different country. So what kind of future is that I mean I don't want to live thousand of miles away from my boyfriend. And for some things, as confused already said, you need your boyfriend. So in my opinion I think it doesn't work. It can work if you plan on moving together, but not on the long run.
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Yeah, I have a friend in US. She had move to US from Malaysia when I was form 1. Now, we can just keep in touch by email or msn messenger only. What a sad. I was so reluctant to leave her.

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My own personal experience was not a happy one either. I met a cool Dutch guy on the Internet and we had fun chattting and talking by phone, but eventually we realized that it was impossible to keep such a relationship through a computer..and so we decided to be friends.

It was quite sad for me...
I still can't say it's not possible..but it needs a lot of commitment from both sides. Sacrifice.


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I can at least report on a happy ending with a long-distance relationship. :-)

I met my (now) husband 5.5 years ago here in Germany on a business trip. After that trip we did the 18-month long-distance relationship. At the time I knew no German, but his English was good enough for us to communicate. It was the longest and most challenging 18 months I've ever experienced in a relationship. I was in Seattle (Northwest corner of the United States) and he was in Germany. Nine-hour time difference. Nevertheless, after 18 months I decided to drop everything and move to Germany. Luckily two days after I got here, I got a job (at a time when unemployment was VERY high), and after yet another challenging adjustment period of about 6 months, everything started to work out.

We bought a house together two years ago and just got married about three weeks ago! Long-distance relationships can work out. Two things need to be there for sure: love & trust.

- danielle

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it takes alot of trust and good communication skills.

sometimes written words can be understood in a wrong way,because you miss the body language.

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I hope this forum will make me happy to learn english and have relation with others in the world

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Well amtris, this thread was about love relationships. But I know what you mean :). Good luck.

When it comes to long-distance relationships, I know it would not work for me. My husband is working nightshift in 3 week rota and it happens that we only see each other on the weekend. And I find that quite hard. So no, knowing that my husband is for example in Germany or USA would be a nightmare for me. I'd miss him too much.

I mean sometimes it is nice to get him out of my hair for a weekend but all in all I enjoy being with him.
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In my view long distant relationships are possible, even if theirs a bigger amount of water between you. ;) Knowing that she loves me as much as I love her inclusive endless trust is enough to reduce the amatory pain due to the geographical separation.
If it comes to a marriage... the whole thing changes. ;)

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i think long distance relationships are pretty hard to manage. i was in the us for a year and i had a boyfriend over there. after a little while he moved to chicago and we broke up even though he was still in the same country as i was. i believe it depends on what kinda person u r. some ppl need physical contact more than others... everyone has a different oppinion on this topic i think :)

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Re: Long distance relationships

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Hi, everybody.

I am looking for a long distance relationship.

It could be a girl:))

I am interested in other cultures and languages, so if you want you can answer.kj