i knwo what is going to be n the class test tomorrow

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i knwo what is going to be n the class test tomorrow

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Hi, i have to write my english test tomorrow and i know what is going to be there as i have watched the class test today. if you could correct the text i would be very happy
one of the questions is :
how do you think of dreaming about the future? Is it useful or not? explai(100+words)
and as i have found the same question at a homepage i can tell you that the teacher will give us points for the following issue: tatkraft und motivationen durch ziele vor augen, einsatz für eine bessere welt; Gefahren: ZB. träume als flucht vor der wirklick´hkeit, einsatz für unmögliches

and this is the text i have written at home for the following class test:

on the one hand it is very important to have a dream because if no body would have a dream we would never see an astonaut or a president. A drem gives the people a goal which they wnat to reach. Dreams give us motivations for learning for school and to work harder for what ever we do because when we think about what we want to reach we are full energy which we need to don't give up.
But on the other hand it is olso dangerously to have a dream because it is possible that we would live in an unreality world whith unreality dreams for example a man who isn't able to walk tries to be a football star.