A poem

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A poem

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:spin: Hi everybody! :spin:
On Monday, we are going to have an english test. Another class just had an english test of the same teacher, that's is our english teacher. I know my english teacher and I'm pretty sure that she is going to give us the same test.
Now I have the text here and I'd like to hear some ideas and opinions from you.

It is a poem: "Parents" by Julius Lester

Here are the questions
1.) Why could this punishment "wake Linda up"? - Does this tell you anything more about Linda and her parents?
2.) This poem appeared in the NEW YORK TIMES. Why do you think the reporter chose this form to report what happened?
3.) Is there anything you are reluctant to believe here?
4.) What were Linda's alternatives out in the desert that day? Can you imagine what you might have done?
5.) Is there any way for parents to punish the almost adult children?
6.) What do you feel about the end of the poem?

I tried to answer these questions but I don't really know how to express myself :roll: :rolleyes:

I would be thankful for any help.


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