do you think that heath ledger y jake fallen in love in real

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do you think that heath ledger y jake fallen in love in real

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HI i'm spanish girl and i went to see a film by ang lee broke back mountain you know and I think that actors really feel something when they make scenes of love ¿do you thinh that they are much more than friends m.I ,m sure because they don't need money ...and if neither or them are :censored: as could kiss another man...I hope your answers.thank you

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Hey Manolita,

In my opinion I don't think that they are in love with each other since their job is to act. Sure they don't need the money anymore but I just think they love to entertain people and to be in the spotlight. They live for their job. These people are pretty good in their job (that's why they are famous) and they can tell their true feelings from their acting feelings apart. Of course sometimes they really fall in love for example Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn or Bratt Pitt and Angelina Jolie. As fas as I'm concerned I don't think one would change from straight to gay. Unless they are gay already then it is another story.


Freunde sind wie Sterne, du kannst sie nicht immer sehen, aber sie sind immer da!!!