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Buchvorstellung "A Bend in the Road" - Berichtigun

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Ich musste eine Buchvorstellung auf englisch machen und dies nach einem genauen Plan (meine Lehrerin halt -.- ), deswegen die Numerierungen. ;)
Findet einer von euch vielleicht Fehler... von den es sicher einige gibt. *rolleyes*

A Bend in the Road

I would like to tell you about a book, I had read last month called “A Bend in the Road” or in german “Weg der Träume” (Cover). This dramatic fiction came out in 2001 and was written by Nicholas Sparks.

The american author was born in Nebraska in 1965. As a child, he lived in many differnet cities, however, today he has his home in North Carolina. There Nicholas Sparks lives with his wife Catherine and his five children, where he writes 2000 words at a day and read 125 books in one year.
Sparks’ novels are very famous in Germany as well as in other countries and so a lot of his novels are translated in different languages and get best sellers. Sparks is one of the most successful writers in the world. Some books like “A walk to remember” (Cover) were filmed with popular actors.

The novel “A Bend in the Road” deals with the subject true love, but a shocking secret endanger the love between the main characters Miles Ryan und Sarah Andrews. And I think the titel “A Bend in the Road” stand for this secret, whish suddenly changes their life.

The story begins with two of the main character 32- years old Miles Ryan und his 7-years old son Jonah. The majority of the story takes place in 1988. Miles wife, Missy Ryan, was killed at age 29 in a hit-and-run accident two years ago. Missy had been his first love. As a deputy sheriff in New Bern, North Carolina, Miles Ryan not only do his work, but also tries to bring the unknown driver to justice.
Sarah Andrews, who discovers Jonah can't read or write, is new in this town. Jonah’s previous teachers had passed him on because of the hard change in his life. Sarah wants to help Jonah and so she sets up a parent-teacher conference. When the two adults meet there is a intensive attraction between them. After more dates they begin to fall in love and come closer and closer.
Miles begins to forget Missy and the search after the person driving the car who hit Missy.
While Thanksgiving dinner with Sarah’s family Ryan meet Brian, Sarahs young brother, who is very shy and not good at meeting people. Since some months he is especially nervous. One afternoon he goes to his sister and confesses, that he was the driver of the car for 2 years.
When Miles finds out about this fact, he want to bring the killer of his woman behind bars.
To find out, if Miles really jails Brian and what happened with Sarah and Miles after this tragic occurrence, read this book…

Now I want to read an extract to give you an idea of the book. I choose the extract from a book, in which the first person narrator is Brian and he confesses, that he was the hit-and-run driver.

“A Bend in the Road” is an mystic story with a lot emotions, whish is a perfect composition. Over the whole book the reader don’t know, who kill Missy Ryan, and must speculate. This book is not my first novel from Nicholas Sparks. I also read “A walk to remember”, “The wedding” or “The Guardian”, because I like the special style of Nicholas Sparks – one of my favourite authors.

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Re: Buchvorstellung "A Bend in the Road" - Bericht

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Hi, Jules,

die Buchvorstellung liest sich sehr interessant! Ich hab nur kleine Fehler gefunden und hoffe, nicht zu spät, Dein Posting ist ja schon 'ne Weile her.

bye, raincat

translated into different languages

a shocking secret endangers

the titel .... stands for this secret

whish soll sicher heißen: which

with two of the main characters

Miles Ryan not only does his work

I choose the extract - evtl: I chose ...

A Bend in the Road” is an mystic story with a lot of emotions which is a perfect composition

Over the whole book the reader don’t know who killed Missy Ryan, and has to (must) speculate.
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Danke. :)

Ich habe mittlerweile auch den ein oder anderen fehler noch gefunden... den Rest ergänze ich jetzt von deinem Post :freu: