Thats bad luck

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Thats bad luck

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Hello @ all:

I have bad luck today!!! :(

I've two cell-phones in use. During 2 years it works without any problems... and now since some weeks both has made mistakes sometimes.

I was looking for new ones (not both together - to expensive for me :shock: )

BUT TODAY both cell phones don't work any more! WHAT A BUMMER!!!

I've to buy two cell phones at the same time - This is bad luck, isn't it?

I am so afraid about it!!

Well I don't give up hope- I am asking Grandpa for money :wink1:


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What do you need two cells for in the first place?? :wink:


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He got two ears.
So he maybe thought he would need two mobile phones, too. One for each ear - so he could do "stereo-phoning" :wink: :D