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Guitarists' Pub

Beitrag von StrinG-SorcereR »

Hello everybody,

It seems like there are some guitarists in this forum and as my username says I'm one too.
So let's just talk about your favourite styles, players and equipment and for all non-guitarists about music,OK ?

OK, so let's start:

fav. style:Blues,Rock,Hard Rock
fav. players:Jimmy Page,Eric Clapton, and all the other great Blues-Rocker...
equip.:Gibson SG Special , Alhambra 1C-Cedro, Peavey Blazer 158, Yamaha APX 5A, Yamaha RGX 121, Epiphone Les Paul Standard Heritage Sunburst

Hopefully some guitar-slingers might come in into Guitarists' Pub and have some drink :lol:

p.s.:drummers, bass-players, pianist and all other musicians and just music-lovers may join !

Yours, SR :big_thumb:
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Beitrag von A.wilhelm.scream »

hey string-sorcerer,

nice idea of a thread :)
well i started playing guitar around 5-6 years ago, because i wanted to start a band with a friend of me, but the band broke up after a year, but our bassist wanted to start a new one. the problem was that we didn't have a drummer, so i started to play drums and now i'm already playing 3-4 years.

fav. styles: emo, emocore, , punk rock, blues
fav. players: well not an easy question, but certainly eric clapton is one of my favorites as well as some other guitar players, but they're kind of unpopular i think.
equip: Epiphone SG, Fender Frontman 25 R and that's it. I have a drumkit at home, but it's a no-name brand ;)

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Beitrag von rgriscom »

I'm not too much of a guitarist myself, but I do play a lot of intruments...

fav. style:Rock, Progressive,Indie
fav. players:Stanley Jordan,Adam Jones, Johnny Greenwood
equip.: Fender American Strat, Fender Mandolin (no idea what model), Kramer Bass, De-fretted Epiphone SG, Marshall AVT 50h with 1960s cab, KMD combo amp (dunno bout the specs), casio keyboards, Ibanez acoustic, various hand drums.

I usually record onto my computer, using Adobe Audition (aka cool edit)....
Never really gotten serious with any of my bands, planning on goin solo soon. We'll see how that goes....if it does.

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good idea

Beitrag von me »


I play the e-guitar not so well,but i can play a bit(or a bit more;))

fav. style:rock and all I like :jo:
fav. players:many players...

I think it's a good idea :freu:

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Beitrag von swick »

I started playing guitar 2 month ago. But I am quite a beginner, I haven't finished accords yet. I am just playing a rhytmus guitar.


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Beitrag von brian »

Hello everyone. I'm new here, and I play guitar as well.

fav. style: rock
fav. players: Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton, Django Reinhardt
Guitars:Gibson SG faded special, Fender Standard Telecaster, Epiphone Les Paul
Amp: Carvin Vintage 16

I've been playing about three years, but I still suck pretty bad.

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Beitrag von Maikez »

Hiho ;)

I´ve started playing guitar in 1992 when I was four years old.

I prefer classical pieces like Linnemann, Bach and Pachelbel. My favorite players are Don Ross and Andy Mckee. The most impressive piece I´m able to play is Africa by Andy Mckee. If you want to watch it, check google.

I own just two guitars, but both of them are very good :)

1) Alhambra 10 P
2) Takamine G-Series

Playing guitar is one of the most important things in my life and I can´t imagine living without it. I practise till 1.5 and 2 hours a day and in addition to that I teach people playing classical guitar.

Greetings, Sepp

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Beitrag von pogochica »

Yay, guys, here's a girl who plays guitar. :')

I play the bassguitar in a hardc0re band.

:spin: hugs, pogochica

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Strong rock

Beitrag von geometry »

I'm so glad to find people who like playing and listening to rock music. I'm one of them. My name is Jovan (ger: Hans, eng:John) and I come from Serbia, town of Zrenjanin. I have been dealing with rock music for over 30 years and have been playing for about 25 years.
So, are there any possibilities for all of us rock's music followers to keep in touch and change our expiriences?

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Beitrag von tanhuimei »

hi there, i am a music mad. i play piano since last year. i love piano very much. while you are playing music, you can just simply forget everything that is sorrow, agree with me? well, between guitar and drum, which is better? now, i am planning to learn one more musical instrument.

is there anybody wants to give me some opinion?

regards. :lol: