Looking for WhatsApp Audio Friend

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Looking for WhatsApp Audio Friend

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My name is Martin and I'm from Germany.

Yesterday I tried to sing an English song and showed it to several friends. It has been repeatedly criticized that I have a hard German accent.

I would also like to watch movies and series in original language. Since I miss a lot of vocabulary, I always understand a lot, but somehow still nothing.

In addition, I have big weaknesses in grammar when I make sentences myself. I have to admit that I got support from Google Translator for this text here.

So today I had an idea. I could look for a person, preferably from America, with whom I communicate exclusively via audio messages via Whatsapp. We could help and criticize each other in terms of grammar as well as vocabulary or pronunciation.

My German, especially the spoken, is pretty good in my opinion. But in writing I have a few shortcomings, especially when it comes to punctuation.

Where could I find a suitable person to approach such a project with me?
Anyway, I'm looking for someone who has similar problems with the German, as I have with the English language. So we would both benefit.

best regards