Ich brauche eine Korrektur zu diesem Text

Hier könnt ihr Sätze und kurze Texte zum Korrigieren einstellen.
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Ich brauche eine Korrektur zu diesem Text

Beitrag von Idontknowiz »

Will Freeman is 36 years old and lives alone in a flat in London. Will's father has written a famous Christmas song. Although Will hates his father's song, it's the reason why he is rich and never has to work or worry about money. All in all, Will is lonely, he neither is in a serious relationship or has a family or real friends, besides John and Christine. He is described as a handsome and attractive man. In his free time, he likes to travel to Europe, watch's TV and listens to music like Nirvana. He also drives fast cars. To sum it up, we can say that Will wants a simple life without any problems that would be like that. The relationships were always short and he never gets involves in them. One of his relationships, is with a single mother called Angie, that works well, but problems come soon, so Will wants to end the relationship, but Angie ends it, which make Will happy because he doesn’t have to feel guilty. Moreover, Will hates children. From his point of view having children is responsible and makes someone unhappy. He also refuses to be a godfather of his friends' children. Another example is that he pretends in SPAT as a single father with a kid to get to know single mothers and doesn't care about the results of his actions. This behavior clearly indicates that he has no responsibility, is shallow, easy-going, selfish and sometimes rude. At a SPAT meeting in the park, Will meets Marcus, a boy with problems and concern, that a friendship evolved between them when he also defends and helps Marcus, for example when Marcus kills a duck or gets bullied in the front of Wills door, although they don't like each other. In the beginning, Will is very rude to Marcus when he visits him regularly. But he begins to realize that he might be useful for the first time in his life, so at this moment a big change has come in his life. Will begins to understand Marcus and his problems and he decides to support him. When Will meets Rachel starts to fall in love with her. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her and he is finally ready to have a serious relationship with a woman. So, he pretends here also, that he has a son called Marcus and arrange a meeting, to make him more interesting. After the lie comes out, he talks with her about his worries with Fiona and Marcus. She helps him how to act in these situations. In the end, Will have to make a big change when he meets Fiona and Marcus, opposite of his first character. The friendship with Marcus and the relationship with Rachel has changed Will’s life forever, he becomes more compassionate and humane. He now cares about other people and for the first time, he takes responsibility for his actions. His life is not uninteresting and useless anymore and he feels that he actually serves some purpose in people’s life.

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Re: Ich brauche eine Korrektur zu diesem Text

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