Can someone mark the mistakes in theses sentences?

Hier könnt ihr Sätze und kurze Texte zum Korrigieren einstellen.
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Can someone mark the mistakes in theses sentences?

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Hello everyone,

Can someone please find and mark the mistakes in the following sentences?

1.      I absolve an education as a retail assistant. (p)
2.       After the education I will get a final certificate.
3.       I hope I get an invitation for an interview and a fast answer.
4.       I would like to work from June for two weeks. (ly)
5.       Currently I am in an apprenticeship to a retail trader. (da)
6.       I got some experience in retail trade.
7.       I could improve my English skills the last few years very well.
8.       I hope you invite me to a personal interview.
9.       I attend at two days a week school. (ün)
10.   My German and English knowledges are good.
11.   Appendix: CV, School certificates (ün, an)
12.   At time I do an apprenticeship. (ha)
13.   About an answer very soon I would be very happy.
14.   With friendly regards, (instead of Yours sincerely)
15.   I saw your advertisement for an internship in the web. (fa)
16.   I would like to start from June.
17.   Currently I do my education as a retail management assistant. (fe)
18.   I have many experiences in the retail sector.
19.   I’m reliable, industrious and ambitious.
20.   I have good English knowledge. (an, ja, ti, ma)
21.   I would be pleased of an answer.
22.   Application for a two weeks lasting internship (ba)
23.   I have seen the job advertisement at the website from your company.
24.   I hope I get soon an answer. (ch)
25.   I have a good English knowledge. (7, and)
26.   I would be pleased for a fast answer. (ti)
27.   In the moment I am doing an education as a management assistant.
28.   When I finish my education I will have the BTEC qualification.
29.   I go on two days a week to school. (and)
30.   I hope to get an invitation for an interview. (and)
31.   I go at two days in the week to school. (ma)

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Re: Can someone mark the mistakes in theses sentences?

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What was the basic task? What's the meaning of the letters in brackets?
Fehler/Mistake - Anmerkung/Note - Ausdruck/Expression
* Keine Korrektur- / Erklärungsanfragen per PN *