Bewerbungsschreiben/ Bereich Marketing

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Bewerbungsschreiben/ Bereich Marketing

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Hallo Leute,
ich wäre dankbar, wenn Ihr mein Bewerbungsschreiben korrigieren könntet  :mrgreen:

Application for an entry-level position in Marketing

Dear Ms/ Mr......,
I recently graduated from the ..... and I hold a degree in ...... My goal is to work for a marketing and communication company that is operating internationally. (Name des Unternehmens) particularly attracted my interest because of the combination of XY approach to business and Western creativity.
Every brand wants to be successful and turn a profit on a highly competitive market, but providing certain additional values besides selling the product supports the brand to create an identity to stand out.
Since one always has to be up to date in the field of marketing, I believe that I would, as someone who likes to develop herself, fit in this field the best. This field would enable me to work creatively in order to realize the client’s wishes for their brand and product from different branches. As a part of the marketing team, I would like to contribute to building the identity of new products with original ideas and help to maintain consistency with the company’s image as well as philosophy.
While I was studying in (Stadtname), I took different courses such as Fashion Marketing which was equivalent to an introduction course. That is when I got interested in marketing in general. Through this course in the context of a group assignment, I had the opportunity to create an own brand and apply what I learned about marketing to the products. The emphasis was among others put on determining the target group and increasing brand awareness through various marketing methods.
I gained initial experience at the start-up market research and consulting company (Name). During my internship I worked for clients from various branches which I found to be an enriching work to do because of the diverse aspects that needed to be considered in relation to those branches. My tasks consisted of doing research, writing articles and thinking about suitable marketing strategies that would appeal to different age groups.
With a can-do attitude, I am eager to support your team.
For further information, please feel free to contact me at any time. I greatly appreciate your interest and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.