How to improve my English skills?

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How to improve my English skills?

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I just want to ask whether you have any tips for me how I can improve my English skills and get more used to the language. Sometimes I feel like that my writing style isn't really English-like. Furthermore, I would really like it when I don't have to think much about what I want to write and how to do it someday.

Do you have any tips for improving my feeling for the language? For example, sometimes I can't decide whether I have to use "when" or "if". Although I know that there are three forms of a conditional clause, I sometimes see an "if" that doesn't match one of them. 

I really appreciate your help.

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Re: How to improve my English skills?

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Good morning,

I am afraid when it comes to grammar you simply have to learn the rules, i.e. you have to learn when to use "when" and when to use "if". There is no way around this. I know learning grammar can be a bit of a tedious task but it's worth it.

In terms of getting a feel for the language I tend to recommend "Sprachstammtische" which can normally be found in universities or language colleges. They're normally free, just a group of people practising English. You could give meetup a go, however since I don't use it myself I can't really say much about it. 
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