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mag einer von euch mal einen Blick auf meinen Text werfen?
Ich hoffe der Text ist verständlich :)

LG Jesse

When talking about digitization in Germany there are several technologies that come to our mind such as machine learning, artificial intelligence or virtual reality. In my opinion these technology trends will have a quite an impact on the future. For example: Some hospitals, such as the university hospital in Hamburg-Eppendorf, employ virtual reality for first year medical students, which may be a good a preparation for real life situations. Furthermore it is possible to employ smart robot to make the job a bit easier. The Japanese use robotics to entertain the elderly people in a hospital or home for the aged. On the other hand artificial intelligence can be employed in autonomous driving.
In my opinion the technology is a trend because many companies have disputed with digitization for example in the accounting or logistics department. Many companies developed applications for different area (like games: Candy Crush or e-health: Tinnitracks). Tinnitracks is an application to treat tinnitus and the application is very successful.
In my view, virtual reality and the development of applications will be more important in the next years. The number of projects is rising. In the future we will get more application for the smart phone. In addition, our lives will become more comfortable, because some robotics will adopt the hard working part of the job or the IT hardware will run faster.
 In the following newspaper article “from app doctors to big data: five ways tech will shape health care” I will explain the technology trends for the health care section. Technology trends like wearable or app doctors have huge opportunities for our health. First of all the article is about wearable such as “Fitbit”. The wearables can generate health data about some daily behaviour like eating, sleeping or sport activities. With this data it is possible to combine with existing data for an individual care. “Philips Health Tech” is developing a prevention program for wearables to decrease the burden of illness for every patient. The algorithms allowed to make a prediction for the care of the patient. The next section of the article is the app doctors such as “Your.MD”. It is an application with artificial intelligence to imitate a consulting with the general practitioner. The application is not a replace for the doctor but they can give the first advices for the patient. At the moment it exist 165,000 mobile health apps in the internet. The quantity of “tele health” is rising. A few technologies are allowed to make vital measurements at the same time in the conversation. The next section is about “big data”. The project “Cloudy with a Chance of pain” uses the data to measure the correlation between weather and chronic pain. The last section is about digital theraphy such as “pzizz” an application for sleeplessness. Julie Bretland, director and CEO, our mobile health said that we should not losing the human touch, because empathy is for us very important. An application can not spend empathy for the patient.

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Re: Textkontrolle

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Ich habe gerade keine Zeit den ganzen Text durchzusehen, aber auf den ersten Blick fällt mir hier das Wort "digitization" ins Auge, das hier nicht passt. Digitization ist im IT-Bereich speziell "die Darstellung eines Objekts durch digitale Daten" oder "der Prozess der Übertragung von Objekten in eine digitale Repräsentation". Das ist jedoch nicht das, worauf das deutsche Wort Digitalisierung in diesem Zusammenhang hinausläuft.

"Digital transformation" passt hier besser in den Kontext.
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Re: Textkontrolle

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