Short self-introduction - request correction :-)

Hier könnt ihr Sätze und kurze Texte zum Korrigieren einstellen.
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Short self-introduction - request correction :-)

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I wrote a short fictional self-introduction, could you please correct it? I am not sure about the tenses.
Here we go:
My Name is Peter, I am 43 years old and I am from south Germany. In 1995 I have completed my A-Levels at an evening school. Before I did my high school degree, I worked in different jobs for instance: in a retail with customers or in warehouses. I also was in Italy and London each for six months. After and during my evening school I (had) worked at the harbor and in a warehouse at the same time. I liked the job at the harbor very much, however, it wasn’t challenging so I decided to study economics. But I found out that this subject wasn’t for me, so I dropped out of the university. Now I am looking for another challenge...
Thank you!!