The Walk of Fame Hollywood

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The Walk of Fame Hollywood

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--- Terms of admission ---
Now I will go on with the terms of admission. The official criteria are the following there:
The first is: professional achievements in one of the five categories
The second is: presence of five years in the field of entertainment
And the third is:  contribution to the community
If someone wants to have his star made, he has to send his photo and a short CV to the Hollywood Historic Trust. There is also a charge of 30.000 dollars. There are about 200 applicants a year, but only about 20 of them get accepted.

--- History ---
The Walk of Fame was created in the year 1958. It should add value to Hollywood and make it more attractive. The construction started in the year 1960. There 2500 blank stars have been made. The first star ever was made for the actor Joanne Woodward in the category films in February of 1960. In 1978 Los Angeles raised the Walk of Fame to the urban cultural monument.

--- Summary ---
I have chosen this topic because I’m very interested in stars and film. Besides Heidi Klum, who was born in my hometown Bergisch Gladbach, got a star for the categorie film too. (Name und Ort geändert)