I want to learn english

Let's speak English here.
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I want to learn english

Beitrag von sunny0810 »

Hey, My name is Sonja and I am a student from Germany. My English is still improving. I'm looking for someone to write in English.
If someone has interest he/she can contact me.
Thanks  for answer:jo: 

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Re: I want to learn english

Beitrag von davidGGlines »

Hello Sonja,

My name's David. I'm an author and linguist (if you need some help with English grammar, I have a couple of articles for beginners in my portfolios on https://www.freelancer.com/ and https://hireessaywriter.org/ as well as you can find my profile on Southern Illinois University Edwardsville).
I'm looking for the chances to talk with a native German speaker. That would be an awesome experience for me too (in writing mostly). Perhaps we could communicate via Skype or Facebook.
Please, let me know.


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Re: I want to learn english

Beitrag von Keswick »

Hi David,

Sonja has not been on this forum since August last year. I just thought I'd let you know ;) .

Kind regards
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