Englisches Motivationsschreiben- bitte um Tipps!

Hier könnt ihr Sätze und kurze Texte zum Korrigieren einstellen.
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Englisches Motivationsschreiben- bitte um Tipps!

Beitrag von laura_corner » 15. Mai 2017 12:16

Hallo ihr Lieben,  :freu:
für meine Bewerbung um ein Auslandssemester muss ich ein Motivationsschreiben verfassen. Da  mein Englisch etwas eingerostet  ist, wäre ich jedem dankbar, der meinen "cover letter" überprüft und mich auf grammatikalische Fehler sowie unpassende Formulierungen aufmerksam macht. 

Application for an Erasmus semester at ...College, Cityname
Dear Mr. xyz,

Currently, I am studying Geosciences (B.Sc.) in the fourth semester at the xyz-Universität, Cologne.
After completing this semester I intend to spend a semester abroad at xyz College in Cityname to deepen my language skills and general knowledge of geology.
During a three month stay in Japan where I did Work&Travel I could already gain some English skills and first experiences with other cultures. Also I am regularly confronted with English scientific literature at university. Yet there is a huge difference between being in contact with the language and studying in a completely English-speaking environment.
A semester abroad would give me the opportunity to enhance my language skills (especially technical terms) and prepare me for working in an international institution after my graduation.
Being a diligent student who sets value on receiving good grades, I am confident that I am suited to studying in a foreign language.
Studying abroad would open up new perspectives in my German studies for me as well. A semester in Ireland would allow me to understand geological topics in a greater context and less restricted to Germany and continental Europe.
According to former Erasmus student’s reports, the xyz-College is known for its pleasant learning and campus atmosphere as well as supportive academics and informative lectures. I am convinced that this would help me to improve my organisatorical competences and make first contacts with international geology students which could be helpful in later work life.
Since I have not attended courses in sedimentology so far, I take special interest in Year 2 core modules GL2011 Sedimentological Processes and Sedimentary Petrology and GL3013 Sedimentary Environments.
I consider a semester at xyz-College not only as a great chance to improve my English language competences and increase my knowledge about geology but also as a steppingstone into international employment after my graduation. Therefore I would appreciate it very much if you would nominate me as a possible exchange student for UCC.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,



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