looking for english conversations facebook/whatsapp

Let's speak English here.
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looking for english conversations facebook/whatsapp

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I'm looking for someone who is interested to practicing and improving their english skills via regular conversations in facebook or whatsapp. Exactly I will do a short introduction about myself... my name is Massimo, I live in Germany and I'm a student. Most of my time I spend my time in videogames like CS:GO(Counter-Strike:Global Offensive), read some historic, fantasy and sci-fi german and english books and I'm also learning for the school. I have never felt english as important as I do now, but I'm sure it's still not to late to learn it. I'm currently having a main problem which I need to fix in the following months, because I became really shy and I'm always thinking native which is not good for the way of life. I still don't know if my grammar is well or not and I also need to improve my vocabulary.

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Re: looking for english conversations facebook/whatsapp

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Hı Massino
I'm Jemil from turkey. We can talk to together by way of  skype.  :prost: