Hello, looking for a penfriend :)

Let's speak English here.
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Hello, looking for a penfriend :)

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My name is Stacy and recently moved to Germany ,
Due to my profession German language is mandatory and i will have to learn  it to the best possible level,
I already attend german courses but i would like a penfriend to help me exercise with some explanatory and in any corrections he might find at our discussions.
If anyone feels like helping you are very welcome to message me :) 
Thank you !

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Re: Hello, looking for a penfriend :)

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Hallo Stacy,
My Name is Viola. I am a native German speaker. If you want I can help you to get better in German. I'm here to improve my English. If you want we can help each other.

I live in Munich. Where do you come from?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes

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Re: Hello, looking for a penfriend :)

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Hi there,
I would suggest you hire a teacher to learn the German language from the basics so that you can be confident while communicating with other people.
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Hi there, I'm Leesa